Digital and Marketing Asset Management: The Real Story about DAM Technology & Practice

theresa-bookThe digital world is transitioning from text to media: photos, audio files, video clips, animations, games, and more. Enterprises of all kinds struggle with how to manage those media assets. Digital professionals who want to master the life cycles behind creating, storing, and reusing media need the inside scoop on how digital and media asset management technology really works.

Theresa’s book is the definitive guide to DAM, written for both marketers and publishers who need a clear understanding of how technology can empower them to do their jobs better. For technologists, the book is also a technical dissection of how DAM really works, so you’ll have a clearer vision of how DAM could and should fit into your enterprise architecture.

Chapter 1: What Is Digital and Marketing Asset Management Technology?
Chapter 2: The Business Case for Digital and Marketing Asset Management
Chapter 3: The DAM Maturity Model
Chapter 4: DAM Technology Services: Asset Creation and Management
Chapter 5: DAM Technology Services: Search, Retrieval, and Navigation
Chapter 6: DAM Technology Services: Asset Assembly and Delivery
Chapter 7: DAM Technology Services: Architecture and Administration
Chapter 8: Cloud, On-Premise, or Hybrid? DAM Delivery Models
Chapter 9: You’re Not Just Buying a Tool: Strategic Considerations
Chapter 10: Universal Scenarios: The Key to Comparing Technologies
Chapter 11: Mixology: DAM in the Digital Marketing Cocktail

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Theresa is one of the smartest analysts in the field of marketing technology. If you’re looking for a clear and candid perspective on digital and marketing asset management, this is your go-to guide.
Scott Brinker
Co-founder & CTO of ion interactive; Editor of -  ion interactive
Theresa’s knowledge of the digital asset management marketplace and its related technologies is unsurpassed. This book is a thorough, authoritative but highly accessible work on the world of DAM and all its complexities—of immense value to all DAM professionals, across all industries, whether ne...
Patricia Connolly
Chief Executive -  Henry Stewart Global DAM Events
This is inarguably the definitive book on Digital Asset Management. It has all the information; you don’t need to go to multiple sources. It should be a required textbook in every Library Science program, and be in the hands of anyone who has anything to do with managing digital content.
Sarah Cervinski
Digital Asset Manager -  GoPro, Inc
Just what I was looking for—the real story of how to master the mundane routine of asset management to free the creative juices and better tell our story.
LeGrand Hunsaker
Vice President -  Autism Empowerment Project
Whether you are completely new to the DAM industry or a salty, seasoned professional, this book is your roadmap to DAM, both current and future.
Jacob Fincher
Product Design Analyst -  Victoria's Secret / L Brands
This book is a must-read if you are involved in or going to be involved in a DAM project at your organization, regardless of your role—project manager, librarian/taxonomist, developer, department head. It will be your project guide from beginning to end—in the beginning for a broad introduction ...
Katherine Sydenham
Digital Asset Management Specialist -  Council on Foreign Relations